Busy Summer

Summer this year is quite busy, many things we did and we feel great because we did something for the Lord and the community we’re helping. It’s indeed memorable and we make things for the Lord. Thank you for the blessings and we even had bigger opportunities to be a blessing to others.

I had my summer class and my students feel good about the many things they learned and study especially spelling. I’m happy seeing them learn.

Refreshing Moment


It’s a refreshing moment and a great feeling to be out of the comfort zone and see the beauty of nature. We visited different beaches one time and we brought the kids with us and other friends in the church. Our teenager just gave his relax posture and enjoy roaming around the beach while AJ our 10-year old really enjoyed to the max. He walked on the river and jumped with others making their own pose. Somehow, going out and be with yourself is a good thing to do, it gives you a feeling of contentment and excitement. How I wish we could go out again and be ourselves.

The Summer


My teenager went to the beach last summer with some friends and cousins. They went to the newly known beach somewhere in the north. They said that they wanted to be back and I wanted to be go, sigh! My teenager enjoyed to visit beaches and water surfing.

Summer fun and adventures

Summer time will be gone soon. How fast the time in passing by. Soon enough, it will be opening of classes. My son would like to make the most of his summer holiday. So he used to hang out with his friends at the New Government Center, to do their long board tricks.

Long boarding is a kind of sport which need balance and focus. Lots of those involving in this kind of sport meet some accidents one way or the other. One of his friends was hospitalized and was put in a cast due to a fall. He got some bones broken in several places.

In spite of the precautionary measures like helmets and pads, there’s still a tendency to really get a bad spill in one of the events. So, my son just last week had his share of falling, scraping his knees and elbows badly. Somehow, along the way, lessons were learned and still the games continue. It’s all part of the summer fun and adventure.