Purity Code

The Youth breakthrough – a youth group in our church, along with the young people attending the session, had taken a stand to follow the Purity Code. What is Purity Code? It is a commitment to God, to yourself, your family and your future spouse – by committing yourself to sexual purity.

Nowadays, there is too much sex on television and movies. And it seems that more and more young people have a wrong understanding about sex and sexuality. For that reason, living the Purity Code is based upon understanding God’s design for sexuality.

The young people understand that living by the Purity Code isn’t going to be easy. The temptations to break the Code are everywhere and you can’t escape it. But the key to following the Purity Code starts with loving and honoring God first. Ans it takes a lot of faith in Him and lot of self-discipline as well.

But good things always require efforts, and choosing to live by the Code, may be one of the most important decisions a young people can ever made.