On Leave

I was on leave last week and glad that I was able to work on my research. It’s tough but I had been at work while staying at home. It’s a great opportunity for me to be with my kids while taking time to be with myself and doing some stuff at the same time. It’s a brand new experience.

AJ Turned 14

AJ our second child turned 14 today. It was 14 years ago when I was about to deliver a baby, and that baby was AJ. He used to smile and enjoy what he is doing especially helping his friends in school. I could still remember when he was 3 years old when they attended a conference in Malaysia and I was left alone at home because I need to stay for awhile before going to Malaysia. I was teaching at that time and I decided to follow after few days since my boss won’t allow me to go that time.

AJ was crying for 2 days but when he saw me coming everything changed, people would tell me that he was not happy but when I came his face was changed. He is a happy baby full of humors and smiles…. Thank God for him.

The Blessings

Just for today choose to be happy. Appreciate what you have rather than look for what you don’t have.
Just for today choose to be kind. Praise someone rather criticize him. Just for today choose to become a blessing. Be positive and encourage people around you by being patient and loving.
Just for today. After all it’s just for a day. Who knows, you might like it and decide to do it again tomorrow. Good day and have a blessed chooseday!

Busy Online

Our eldest son is working online with his cousin. It’s good to see him earning but sad to say he is working in the middle of the night. We are hoping and praying that after graduation in March next year he will be able to work in a company that the Lord will give him the work suited for him so that he will be used in whatever God will lead him.

As of this time, he said he will just do it and work for it but he will not spend much time after graduation. Sometimes, it’s hard to say no when you need something to spend.


Being Healthy

During the birthday celebration held in our church we had joined together to greet my sister, and our pastors. We had a big celebration and were glad to be a part of it. We sent our sister and her family on their home and while we’re on our way, my eldest son gave a joke…. In our house, we don’t drink soda or soft drinks, but I prepare malungay juice (moringa oleifera) – a kind of healthy drink for my family.

I smiled, but at the back of my mind, it was a shocking comment because it’s a legacy that I wanted them to bring all throughout their lives. And they were watching over us, the parents. I still wanted them to become healthier and healthy conscious so that they will be prepared and at least choose the best food to take in.

My Loved …


I love my family. My kiddos are my strength to move and continue working for the living. However, i can’t stop letting them grow and mature. Physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually they are growing and i’m glad to see them learn along the way. It’s always my prayer that they will seek the LORD with all their hearts and learn HIS ways and with the fear of the LORD in their hearts.

Becoming a Leader…

My son, Em em had always been a child full of humor and energy during his elementary years. He become reserved and even seems to have that kind of aloofness to people he just met first time.
So sometimes, it makes me worried, especially when it comes to his social life. He would rather stay home than go out elsewhere or he might go out but only with his close friends. Seldom will you see him mingling with other kids in the block. He is more absorbed studying new chords from a guitar chart than playing football which is also by the way his favorite sport. He is rooting for ManUnited (Manchester United).
In my worries for him, my husband reminds me that he is undergoing some changes in his teenage life, and no need to concern with his seemingly “anti-sociaL behavior,
Last time, after his father send him to Cebu alone, for a leadership training – I can sense some changes in him when he came back home.
It was confirmed by his friend and cousins during the Summer Youth Camp in Western Visayas. He truly shine out as a Counselor and a leader of the group assigned to him.
i am now relieved that my son is now becoming a leader, as we expect him to be. i am looking forward to see him journey with confidence the road that was set before him..

Enjoyable Moment

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One of the things that hubby loved and enjoyed is to teach the high school students especially the 4th year and share to them the good news. Something that he desired in his heart always. He wanted to share how the Lord changed his heart and life. So every Wednesday hubby would come and visit these students and on Fridays these would come to our church and listen to the Word and do some activities for enjoyment and to bless as well.

Now that the school ended for vacation, hubby prepared something for the youth in order for them to prepare for another task next month. I just hope and pray that these youth will have that desire to search for truth and know the Lord more in their lives. We will be going out tomorrow until Nov.2 and everyone seems excited to go out and feel the gentle breeze in that beautiful and relaxing beach resort away from the maddening crowd.