Homeschooling Experience

Homeschooling somewhat not exciting for my kiddos especially our teenager. It was quite okay when he was still small but when he grew up it became boring for him. Others would say that it’s good but not for some especially if the parents had a hard time doing it.

For us, it was interesting at first when we’re in another country, we have no choice! International Schools are quite expensive. So we choose to get the homeschooling program for our sons because it came from our own beloved country and we have undergone a training before our kids started the program.

Em2, the eldest who’s 13 during that time, wasn’t excited at all because for him homeschooling is boring and no classmates around only the mother. Maybe he’s bored of looking at his mom always, waaahhhhh!

Anyway, I remember when they started and everything was fine, except that they started late every now and then. AJ loved to learn but I was amazed when AJ was crying and was telling me “I don’t want to write anymore, then I knew when I checked the clock that it was already 1 pm. So I told them to rest for a while so that I can prepare their lunch.

Then we resume at 2 pm, AJ had finished his activity first before Em2, of course, Em2 is learning more and more time to spend. When I recall those days, I could say, those were the days… they had undergone and experienced many things. It helped a lot somehow though for AJ and Em2. However, we went back to the Phil. and allowed them to experience a school setting with many classmates and friends and both excel. Our teenager passed the ALS exam and will be receiving his diploma on Friday at SM North, Bacolod City. Thank God for the blessings received from HIM. To God be the glory!

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