My Horror Room Experience


One of the best things that happened to me this week was our eerie adventure in going inside a “Horror Room,” a presentation by the Education Department of West Negros University.
It was a very scary and unforgettable experience. The props and materials used by the production was quite authentic and realistic. Some of the body parts hanged in the “morgue,’ were like toggle bolts, bunch together to create a real life scenario.

Inside the different rooms, you can hear the shrill screams of those who had entered. The sounds were also very appropriate to the surrounding. Together with my friends, we have such a wonderful time at the Horror Room. I saw children crying in terror when they emerged inside the rooms, even adults and university students from other schools were having the time of their lives.

I was so amused seeing some of them, even males sweating and exhaling in relief getting out. Some walk out without saying a word, yet deep inside they seemed to be traumatized by their own experience. Indeed, it is true, that the “last scream you hear, will be your own.” I’m proud to say too, that my father was part of the production as the Assistant Director/actor.

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