My Teenager’s Concern

Last year sometime in October, we allowed our teenager to get an exam in Dep Ed since his home school is not recognized by the government. It was an Alternative Learning System Exam (ALS) given to all those who stopped schooling, or the out-of-school youth or above 15 years old and had problems in school. However, our teenager had another problem as what I have shared. He had to attend reviews on weekends on top of his regular school sessions required by the Department of Education.

For him it was one of those trying moments and big adjustment to make – by God’s grace, he had overcome it. This month his final result came out and he passed with flying colors. Now, he is considered a graduate of High School level, academically qualified for the University studies. All his hard work and determination paid off.

But as he think about entering University at a very young age, he is quite adamant and full of questions. He shared his concern with us, and it seems emotionally he was not that prepared to tackle University life this opening of classes. As of this moment it is one of his pressing concern, he needs to decide whether to push with the plan of going to University – or go through one year of Senior level in high school for more equipping. On this concern, we give him the right to decide for himself. And whatever “what ifs,” he has right now- it is our desire that he will come to term with all of it. We keep on telling him, “If you are afraid to lost sight of the shore, you will never discover new oceans.” Praying that our teenager could have the right choices in life.

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