My Teenager’s Struggles

Our teenager had a hard time this week, sometimes we can’t relate to him. He didn’t allow himself to speak. A shy type? No, I guess but you just need to talk to him intelligently. Oh, teenagers now a days are quite hard to be understood, they have an innate that parents have a hard time to explain and understand. Hope I could just relate yet at times I couldn’t…. Anyhow, that’s life, I could still remember when I was a teenager, I couldn’t understand myself or what I wanted to do. But I chose to follow and do what is right. I chose to be good no matter what and it helped me and led me to be what I am now.

Teenagers these days need to be guided and be led to the right path if not, they will go astray and follow what other people are doing and telling them. Choosing the right thing to do is what matters and will make you a better person, a person following high morality and pleasing dignity. Believing of what we can do and trusting the One who can help us and make us to be true. God has been there and He will make a way. So, I’m trusting the Lord that He will guide my teenager and bless him in all he does. Thank you Lord.

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