Of Best Friend and Classmates…

One thing that makes a teenage life memorable and enjoyable is the joy knowing you got friends and classmates to bond with. My teenage son went to a different school when he came back from Thailand to the chagrined of his best friend and classmates. All the while, they were expecting that my son will graduate with them together in high school.

But sad to say, he was not able to go back to his former school because of the lack of scholastic records requirements. His academics in Thailand is not accredited in his former school, so he has to follow the guidelines of the Dep Ed, the reasons that he needs to change school.

Last week, my husband has the opportunity to help facilitate the fourth years retreat (my son’s former batch mates). They told my husband that they missed my son how they wished that in their last years in high school they can be all together.

I am touched by the friendship and that these friends were sharing oceans or distance haven’t marred the friendship that they were enjoying. I guess, it’s really true that, there’s a friend that sticks closer than a brother. So whenever my son, will ask permission to go out with his former classmates, I am happy to give him permission knowing they all were responsible and dependable teenagers. I am blest that my son found a best friend and friends to grow up with and make wonderful memories together.

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