Summer’s Activity

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Summer is a time, wherein teens and even adults felt like released from a long boring holed in life underground. Thus, summer signals adventures, travels, holiday trips and just to loaf around. But in our case, summer could be quite different, because it is not just about having a wonderful holiday together, but it is an opportunity for growth.

We believe that summer is not just about fun – it is also about making yourself available, learning new things which you don’t have the opportunity to learn inside the four corners of the classroom. Summer is a time to explore and be immersed with other cultures, as well as a time to be equipped or be trained for personal development.

One of the thing that our teenager have decided to do is to attend a Leadership Camp for the young people. Actually, he does not want to attend. He’d rather stay back home for a while he said to rest. But, again, he was advised that the camp is just once in a lifetime experience, though there might be another camp in the near future, each one would offer a different opportunity for new learning and growth. So, with that in mind, he was persuaded to go to the Leadership camp.

Summer could be a time to just loaf around, just to relax and enjoy… but it could also be part of one’s growing up process. For summer, offers a variety of things for you to explore, discover and experience, and the only thing that limits you – is your imagination!

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  1. summer is not just to go to the other place and enjoy.. during summer you must spent your time in a genius and generous way. help the others,explore and experience the new. thanks mam sarah i learn something from this post.

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