The God I serve

When I was young and now am old, I am still longing to experience God’s presence. Yes, I believe He is there looking at me, following me through but listening to others’ experiences of God talking to them in their dreams helps me long for Him to talk to me as well, as what Samuel in the Bible experienced when he was still a young boy, he thought that Eli, the priest was calling him during the night. However, Eli taught him to say: “Yes, Lord, your servant is listening”. How I wish I could have the same experience.

Another author said, and I quote: Ask the Lord to unveil His purpose in your life, ask for His leading and guidance. Ask for help! And that is the desire of my heart while I’m becoming older. To be in His presence and experience His peace and hope in my hopeless situation. Gid is there and I believe He is working on my behalf!

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