The Growing Man

Em-em our teenager has grown tall. When he was still a baby he won’t allow himself to go with others. He’s an aloof type of child and will always be with his Mama all the time. He would cry if he’s not on Mama’s lap.

When he grew up he learned many things about life, studies and mingle with others. When we’re in Thailand few years back we would ask him to go and join activities like playing guitar in the church we’re joining. At times we would send him to study mathematics the easy way – that’s why he could learn math so easily.

Now, he’s enjoying his skill in playing guitar either bass, electric or the normal guitar playing. We allowed and sent him join to any camps nearby and explore his being a teenager. Now he’s on his way to study in college. Whatever course he wants to take we will be supporting him. His younger brother AJ is following his footsteps and is proud to his older brother.

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