The Music in Motion

Music is a part of me. Whenever I have the opportunity to write, listen, play the piano, sing or train and direct a choir I could easily adjust, learn and get the pitch and tempo. I believe it’s a God-given gift that He entrusted and used for God’s purpose. A gift that no one could snatch away nor take a hold and claim as their own.

I’m grateful that God gave me gifts and music is a part of it. It is something that I enjoy the most and hold on to. Using it for a greater purpose especially in the church for worship and leading people. It’s indeed a blessing from the Most High.

A day ago, my bro-in-law tagged me in his post about their Alma Matter song. I almost forgot – i did the musicality more than 2 decades aready but I believe God in His own time prepared everything. God is indeed a miraculous God who makes all things in His time and purpose. He molded and prepared me. It’s the Music in Motion indeed!

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